In life, there are people that you might just meet a few times or even just one single time but it will deliver a significant change to your life. Rachel Davis, PhD & I are just like that.

I first met her on the special day of Marou – The memorial of our dearest Samuel Maruta. And the second time I met her was at an event that created our Visionary for the future.

I never thought of what the future looked like to me so clearly before I met her. I had to admit, she was the one who unlocked the door to my own self. During the 3-days event, I swallowed everything she said, observed every movement she had just like that world just Rachel & I. And a light just shining within my heart – I see my future self – As her!

Of course, I know that it could be some sort of inspiration, could be some sort of imagination, and could be some sort of mistake about others’ dreams, could be a game of the mind also. So I gave myself a chance to discover it and removed layer by layer of my own thought. And I know, my dream is to help people prepare for their human – journey and more than that is the spiritual journey.

Through this post, I would like to send my gratitude to her for being the light that lead me to my bigger dream and for daring to work for it.

Throughout her work, she had touched over a hundred thousand people across 12 countries with all aspects of the transformation of life, leadership, and business.

Rachel is leaving Vietnam and before leaving, she designed a workshop called Wholeness to Freedom (WTF) for Founders & Senior Management and for Women. More information is in the picture for those who want to join in

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