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#1 The Trip Takes a Lifetime

I learned that each of us has big dreams, but not everyone is courageous enough to pursue that dream, especially when they demand a lifetime’s commitment.

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Chris’s tale of chasing his dream left me contemplating deeply as I read through his book. I couldn’t leave my eyes off the image of young Chris in a cardboard box – the little boy envisioning himself soaring into space. This kind of “obsession” to me, served as a wake-up call for me in a profoundly positive direction. Chris exerted every ounce of effort to bring him closer to his dream, a dream worthy of a lifetime of dedication. In the preface of his book, he wrote that the journey to space would last only 8 minutes and 42 seconds, yet it represented a lifetime of preparation not just for him, but for all those involved in the quest to explore life beyond Earth.

8 minutes and 42 seconds—I could not imagine it until delving into other NASA articles while reading his book. It blows me out as there are two outcomes: either crossing the Earth’s boundary into space or encountering any unexpected accident and vanishing into thin air (here, I refer to the Challenger and Columbia incidents, which are also documented in a Netflix documentary). I was very emotional when I read this part, to be honest.

I took a serious reflection on this to look back at all the journeys I’ve gone through, and accept what I did and didn’t do. The linkage at every intersections that I had; Just a thought that perhaps at a certain age, we will be able to see the connection of each event to create an overall picture as a puzzle. A picture of our lives, from birth to death, a complete picture not missing a single piece

#2 To become a good leader, first lead yourself.

When I bought this book, I envisioned embarking on a cosmic journey with the author, venturing to the moon, stargazing, or beholding Earth as a tiny planet in the vast universe.

However, Chris’s narrative exceeded my expectations. It delivered a lesson on appreciating life on Earth—what we possess, the people we cherish, and all the elements of our lives.

Frankly, it took me more time to read this book than I thought. Each time, I read, pause, reflect, and reassess my life, every decision, and choice. I believe each reader will have different thoughts and emotions from reading; each perspective is unique based on individual pursuits. What I sought, I stumbled upon unexpectedly within these pages. I gained more insights into how Chris wholeheartedly pursued his childhood dream, persevering through moments of nearly succumbing to despair. Each obstacle seemingly pushed him away from his dream, yet paradoxically brought it closer to him. Moreover, I learned how he fostered harmony in his interactions with colleagues and navigated situations where prioritizing personal interests would have led to failure in the end.

Another noteworthy aspect of this lesson is its applicability in life. As a big present for me, I find myself amidst the elevation of my leadership mindset and skills, transforming and fostering connectivity with others through communication, empathy, and listening to understand. See? I didn’t expect such a profound treasure when I purchased this book.

#3 Be prepared

I’ve come to admire his meticulous attention to detail, even during training sessions. Though I understood the necessity, given that each journey carries a 50-50 chance of survival, his level of preparation left a lasting impression on me.

“Always be prepared” – I’ve heard this advice countless times on my journey into maturity. Sometimes, I deluded myself into believing I was adequately prepared until I delved into Chris’s preparations. I was shocked; it dawned on me that luck had been on my side all along. I’m a person who quickly grows bored and tired of repetitive tasks, and I adapt to circumstances most of the time, always playing the spontaneous game.

This lesson arrives as a timely message for me. Although I do not face the kind of serious scenarios Chris encountered, his sharing serves as a strong reminder that some, or even many, aspects of my life remain incomplete, stemming from my own lack of preparation. I’ve also come to understand that true preparation requires presence; no matter how thorough the preparations, without full engagement and presence, you are not truly prepared.

Source – Thetreasureyou, Is there any chance I could send to space some chocolate bars, just curious 🙂

4 – Mission Control

In movies about spaceships, we often hear about Mission Control (MC), also known as Houston. While watching these movies, the portrayal of Mission Control may seem thrilling, but through Chris’s story, I began to imagine the lives of the people working there. Their roles are extremely challenging as they ensure the safety of the astronauts venturing into space, the must be extremely responsibility.

From a different perspective, I was approached the MC methodology recently, it is a method of task management in a professional work environment. I have been practicing this method for 2 years and am still learning and improving

I have a special favor for finding connections in various experiences, and I found the interesting connection between Mission Control—Houston and the Mission Control method I’ve been applying. Both essentially involve managing tasks and operations, just different in approach and scale.

While My MC is apply for personal use; when you practice enough, then you can spread to groups and then organization; then further it became MC-Houston. However, to do that, each individual must first have that mindset. I really find it interesting because it has a personal connection to me, if you don’t understand what I’m saying then that’s okay. Well, sometimes we find joy in our personal connections without needing others to understand, don’t we? ????

5 – Be Joyful

I invite you to watch this video with me. The song was performed by Chris from the International Space Station (ISS) – “Is Somebody Singing.”

Chris described floating in a ship with zero gravity and playing the guitar as the most unique experience in the world. I deeply admire this man, not only for the reasons I mentioned earlier but also for who he is. You can see from the comments on the video, someone said, “Chris Hadfield was the kid who couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be an astronaut or a rock star when he grew up, so he did both.”

Aside from matters of life and death, everything else is but scratches, lessons, and experiences. There are times when we are determined and enthusiastic, and then, when we reflect back, those moments become experiences and memories. We continually face new experiences with resilience.

Fear not and be joyful.

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