My story 


My name is Thao, I am very happy to have you visit my home (I call this website is home) 

If this is your first visit and you don't know anything about me or if you have known or even met and worked with me in real life, Well, thank you very much for spending time here with me and my little treasure chest. 

I was born in 1989 and raised in the Mekong Delta - My hometown is Long Xuyen city, An Giang province which is famous for its rice. I went to Saigon (HCMC) to study at the university in 2007 and have stayed here to work until now. 


In my childhood, I had many unexpected events that turned me from a smiling girl to a shy, self-deprecating, and often repressed emotions;  I did not know how to express myself and had a period of depression. I did not have many friends, nor did I know how to make friends with others, so in my childhood, I often made friends with books and dogs and cats. Two NDE  (near-death experiences) at a young age made me stay close to others and did not know how to express my thoughts and feelings to anyone. At that time, in the poor countryside, I often found myself making friends with darkness and fear and was always alone. 


October 2007, I left home at 18.  

Saigon opened its arms to welcome me and gave me a whole new world of living and dreaming. Having new friends, a new life, and new experiences have helped me find my joy back.  I was so grateful for everything.

Like most of you, I've gone through a dark tunnel of life to find the light. from rejection to acceptance; from hurting myself to loving it, from loss to awakening. I see myself like Santiago in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I only found my life meaning when I return to "home" - the soul, the higher self. 

Do you believe in the laws of the universe? I do. 

In a covid time when the world turned upside down, I was lucky not to have covid but one day in April 2020, I opened my eyes in the emergency room because of an asthma attack. Still lucky, I am still alive. 

Then, I know I'm so lucky to be given another chance, so I've learned to observe life, learned to see, learned to hear, learned to touch, learned to feel, like a child slowly entering life once again.


I don't change my life by magic or by snapping my fingers then in a split second I turn into a new person.

I change it with countless times of falling and then getting up, with resistance and going with the flow, with daily striving and perseverance, with the belief that the sky is ahead, that today is the only chance. 

Little by little, I learned to accept myself, love my flaws, and see myself as a human being with emotions, not a perfect statue. I appreciate the lessons life gives me as a gift instead of chasing them away like in the old days of ignorance.  

The journey of personal transformation is a continuous journey to the end of life, it is not a destination, so I enjoy the journey. 


Every morning when I wake up, I always ask myself: "What can I do today to live a meaningful life? And the first thing I did was smile in the mirror. 

Perhaps, life gives me too many gifts, I can't just keep them for myself. Therefore, I vow to use my journey to inspire and motivate those who are predestined to come to me. 

Choosing to become a Coach is also for that reason, I love all the journey I have with you, love when you found your treasure and at the end of the journey, I see "SUPER YOU" in you - You shine like the sun. 

Thank you for choosing me to be your Coach and allowing e to accompany you and co-create your new life.  


My profession 

As an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Life Coach. And I'm on my way to conquering level 2 with a PCC certificate in 2022 (at the time of this writing). 

With over 400 hours of learning and coaching with proven life-changing results for my clients. I take my job very seriously and regularly seek out continuous learning and development opportunities to fulfill the mission of dedicating myself to this beautiful life. 

With lots of love, 

“The world has enough beautiful mountains and meadows, spectacular skies and serene lakes. It has enough lush forests, flowered fields and sandy beaches. It has plenty of stars and the promise of a new sunrise and sunset every day. What the world needs more of is people to appreciate and enjoy it.” 

— Michael Josephson —


My mission

“My mission is to use my journey as a guide to help you find your life purpose, core value, and treasure within so you can transform into the best version of you.” - Thao Nguyen 

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