Have you ever been excited about something that you were going to do or achieve, but it never happened for whatever reason? It could be because of external factors (maybe someone discouraged you from it) or internal factors (maybe you just weren’t ready for the change). Conversations are powerful things, and sometimes they help us realize the aha moments and lead to our transformation, and put us into action to turn our dream come true.

In coaching, the conversation is not just about asking questions and following the framework of what we have been taught. It is a combination of all the pieces of knowledge, skills, empathy, deep observation, and even more.

A lot of people often think that they just need to take a coaching course, get a certificate, and then they can coach. They can, of course. They’ve been certified.

However, a good coach required more dedication to study, daily practice for developing themselves, and also self-care. I’ve learned that myself very hard. I can’t give you what I don’t have. I can’t help my coachees while I can’t help myself out. So, in my coaching journey, I’ve met a lot of coaches, and a few good coaches taught me to be true to my values, and true to my dream in many ways.

A conversation that helped me overcome an expected setback over 8 years ago and lead me to who I am today was: “You can’t control everything in your life. Sometimes things just happen. And it’s okay. You have your own”

When I heard this, I just smiled and stood up and went clean my mess “Yup. This is exactly what happens when something doesn’t happen.”

Recently, 7 years old girl asked me a question in her board game: What do you do when things go unplan?
What’s a great question!

This happened to me when I decided to start my podcast blog called “The Treasure Me”. It was supposed to be a personal blog about why the meaning of life matters so much to me and as a new hobby. What happened instead was that it became popular and have more audiences than I could imagine. – which is great, but it’s required me to invest more in the content, the quality of the post, and the consistency and posting time.

The lesson here was that nothing happens exactly as you plan. It never does. But sometimes things happen in a way that surprises you, and often those unexpected results are the best ones you could have imagined.

And I enjoy those conversations.

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