January 13, 2022

Strangely, reading this book makes me feel like reading Harry Potter and the Azkaban prisoner. I have gained many values ​​​​and also have a personal perspective and opinion about the book.

THE FIRST VALUE is knowing where you are, what you have, and where you are going.

Bill Palmer, who had just taken the Deputy CEO of the IT department, had to take care of a whole system running from nowhere to nowhere. All due to “lack of resources”; “lack of information”; “lack of time”, and “lack of everything”. The inspection and audit teams cause time-consuming. Boss push down, co-workers blame each other, team members work like crazy but projects don’t run, and also with endless meetings and reports. There is also the result of family members being annoyed because they are unable to help with housework, take care of children, always staring at the computer, or coming home very late. Sound familiar? Very lively, isn’t it? sometimes it’s just like the life of the vast majority of working people, isn’t it!

THE SECOND VALUE is teamwork. This is extremely important, no matter how good you are, you can’t go alone.

With teammates, you have to choose people with the same goals and aspirations. Only that enables you to work together to overcome roadblocks and challenges. When reading the main part of the Phoenix project. I remember 2018 when my whole team worked day and night to finish an important visit to the FDA from the US. We did an extraordinary result. Some requirements that should have been prepared in at least 1years, we completed in 6 months. Of course, in a short time, mistakes happened, but above all, the spirit of working together toward one goal. Everyone shares and everyone makes the same effort.

THE THIRD VALUE is to ask the right questions and do the right way.

The lesson here is about the character John, when all the spears are pointed at him, and all say that his support is useless and tell him to just sit still. John had been missing for days and drenched in alcohol from shock. It hurts when everyone denies your efforts, right? Sad, but true. When you have good intentions but the wrong approach, you not only cause negative results but also directly/indirectly cause additional difficulties and inconveniences for others.

Don’t just go your way, you have to work together, communicate and reflect on where we are working not effectively? Where is the bottleneck, face it and accept all feedback to adjust. Don’t let ego lead you.

THE FOURTH VALUE, be whatever but don’t be the bottleneck.

Whatever position you are, when all the work is about you, waiting for you to handle. Without you, it is not possible. You lose your freedom, you lose the joy of living, and you cause it all stuck. The potential risk is huge.

Brent, a character in the work is the embodiment of that knot. Everyone is stuck right where he is. And that he’s good but nothing is done. This character Brent has many interesting things. I will share more specific in another post

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