Coaching, to me was a breakthrough knowledge that I ever learned. It changed the way I see things and the way I approach my own life. It gave me access link to my wisdom. Because it is only me who can understand myself best. Especially, with my curiosity, it broke up all of my doubts and opened a new door to my growth zone. I’m a big fan of this tool right now

1.5 years ago, I started my first coaching training and since then, I applied that new skill set to my life, work, relationships, etc… and created some positive changes so I was so driven to coach, be a coach, and be coached

However, I still had a thought in mind that coaching should be serious, a coaching session should be formal, following the principles with alignments, structures, models, and frameworks. I was very theoretical back then.

In the last 6 months, I put myself on the field of coach, practice, practice, and practice. And now, I learned that coaching is a daily thing, I can coach and be coached at any time, with anyone, anywhere. It turned me from theoretical to practical. I seek aha moments in every conversation that I am in.

With this book, I learn 3 main things that I can practice daily to make it become my new set of habits/lifestyle.

1. Deep practice by starting easy, starting small, and repeating. This is true for all habits.
2. Stay curious and beat with the advice monster with 7 essential Questions and the 3P model.
3. Say less, Ask more & Listen to the answer – because I realized that I didn’t listen carefully and mindful enough.

I don’t want just to solve a problem but I aim to build a sustainable pathway for growth, for myself and others. I commit to doing more great work than good work so that I can create a great impact on other lives.

I believe this book should be read by anyone who wants to be greater for him/herself, not only just leaders. There’s nothing big deal in here but all the authentic true shares and simple steps to apply. It is simple but not easy, as it will require you the patience and practice.

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