I’m a very curious person. I always try to make my life more fun and creative ways as a daily habit. And of course, the opposite is that I’m easy to get bored doing repeated things.

Whenever I get a task that I don’t know how to deal with this. I work on how can I deal with this first. After I can manage it, I always look for the next step how can I do it better, then how can I do it faster.

That’s good! In my opinion. It gives me the world of creativities and ownership. The only thing that makes me feel unsatisfied is that I don’t spend much time studying the deeper level of that things. And because of that, I feel like I still working on the surface of the iceberg.

This year, I set myself a very hard target that Go deeper! Dive deeper! Master it, not just know it.

It seems not relevant but it does.

This video talks about trying something news in 30days and seeing how your life changed after that. 30 days is also a perfect time to create a new routine. It’s a very short video, just about 3mins, I recommend you to watch it

And in my case, I decided to set myself a 30days challenge of diving deeper into my coaching studying. For sharing useful knowledge and mastering it. By doing that, I will start posting daily my progress and see how much I gain for the knowledge after that.

Learning by doing and learning also by sharing. Isn’t it true? 🙂

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