It was such a great opportunity for me to join the last 5 days of Discover your dream at CoachVille, together with over 20 people around the world. There are artists, dancers, authors, business owners, self-employers, coaches, and trainers. We shared our life, our happiness, our belief, and our dreams with each other with open, kindness, deep listening, and judgment-free awareness.

Every day, we dug a little deeper inside ourselves by self-reflection, there are laughs, tears, and compliments. We cheered each other to trust the self and to release our disbelief and do the work. You know, I have heard a song written by Robb. He had a beautiful voice and the rhythms are so gentle. I saw Brandi dancing on the beach in her video, beauty, and freedom. I heard Natasha share her life and brave of her encourage us. I heard the story of Marilyn and her husband which so inspired me to go play for my journey. I heard Mellisa laugh so joyfully and freely and the moment she said to us I love you, my heart melted.

I have a lot of beliefs about myself both positive and negative. And one of them was afraid of communication and speaking. It came from my experiences at school when I was punished for not following what I have been told and being shown as an example of a bad pupil to the group. Although at work, people told me I have good communication skills but in my head, they’re just social compliments. But now, I changed my belief, and here come the videos as my big play of the new belief.

We’re all human beings with beautiful human nature. But the industrial age keeps telling us we’re not enough, we have to follow the rules, we have to do what we have been told, in exchange for success we have to be certified from school, we have, we must,’s all about the obligation and fears. The success map we road based on the general framework of its industrial mindset and it also means that if we do something different, there will be something wrong with us.

Thanks to Coach David Buck for his generous and joyful wisdom which connected us all. We all have somedays dreams, but we do have today’s dream which we can live our dream right now. And as he said, everything happens for a purpose, there’s no accident. There’s no road map for us toward our dream but the treasure map.

After all, That was fun!


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