I started reading when I was 6, at that age, I mostly read fairy tales book, dreaming world with princesses, monsters, God, and magic. Later on, I jumped into the world of imagination with fiction books and literature. As a teenager, just like most of you, I fell in love with Harry Potter and the magic world & the series of Japanese Detective Conan.

Thanks to youth, I built my reading habit from a very young age and it became a daily breath of my personal life. On the Maslow Model – Reading is in my safety category. How’s interesting when I discover it!

Thanks to reading, I painted my dream through pages. One of the dreams that had turned into reality was travel. As a poor student from the countryside, I moved to HCMC to study and work. Travel was something that I couldn’t afford. Traveling abroad was a big dream that I didn’t even think I could make it. All I could do was read about other countries, and stories of other travelers and dreams. Through pages, I imagine myself walking on the street of other cities, and seeing the sky of other countries. With the law of attraction, my first trip in life was to Europe. Can you believe it? I didn’t sleep during the 13 hours of flight at all.

Although I love reading, I was slow at reading. Usually, I don’t count how many books I’ve read over the years. But since Covid, I see myself as a reading machine. I read every single day, read everything I could read from the book to blogs, to articles to notes. In the last 6 months, I’ve read almost 30 books and I learned that by sharing what I have read, communicating with the authors sharing my own opinions (well, I communicate by journaling), and applying what I learned to my real life. I see myself growing faster 10x than before.

I improve my English through reading. I didn’t go to school, but read and listen to audio, podcasts, and videos and I copy and practice it.

And I improve my mindset through reading too. Through reading, I changed the way I see the world and the world positively changed for me. How beautiful!


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