February 28, 2022

Today, I went through quite a lot of emotions, Totally true to the title of the workshop (WS) session. EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT – THE WAY OF TRANSFORMATION

The first feeling of the broadcast was nervousness, honestly, I had to drink a sip of soju to get the spirit of opening to greet the audience.

Then there was a bit of anxiety when questions were asked but the audience has not interacted, or when they left their camera off. All of a sudden, the ants in my head from nowhere run around wildly with a series of worry questions as if they were well-prepared but not helpful at all.

Then from that state, I find peace when people start to interact; when everything starts to go smoothly as planned.

From there, I came to a state of joy and pride that I could do it finally. Even though it was not as “perfect” as I expected, I learned so that I can improve the next time.

Only in one WS that I learned so many lessons for myself. And to celebrate the first time doing it, I summarize my lesson learned as below:

1. If you don’t try, how do you know you can’t do it? For me as I was the one who is afraid of standing in front of a crowd, this is a step that I am very proud of myself.

2. In the past, when I worked for Marou, I used to stand and share with many people, but it was a familiar environment. Now stepping out into the world, new environment, new people, many new things. Open my head, open my heart to learn and to receive. Each small step, each brick build up.

3. No one can go alone in the world. In order to complete a 2-hour WS program, the team and I had to prepare with a lot of meetings, discussion, and support from the crew – It’s a teamwork spirit, we work together towards the value of sharing. It is very beneficial to be in a team with a common goal.

and Mission completed. Next challenge, please!

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