While cleaning my house, I stumbled upon a letter I had written to myself back in 2011. It was just a short note, but it carried a strong message. At age 23, my littel self shared these words with me, she said (I translated from the original words from the picture below)

“Always remain strong. Stay true to yourself. Life may throw challenges your way, but don’t let it harden your spirit. Live each moment to its fullest – My dear Thao”

In those days, I was solf, prone to tears, and had a habit of seeking approval from others. I found it challenging to say no, believing that sacrificing my own happiness for the sake of others was noble. Childhood experiences had instilled in me a fear of confrontation and criticism, leading me to conceal my inner pain behind a facade of cheerful smiles.

Today, at age 36, and it has taken me 11 years to truly learn to love and prioritize myself. I’ve learned the importance of setting boundaries and standing up for what I believe in. Despite life’s trials, I’ve come to appreciate its beauty and chosen not to harbor resentment towards anyone. I’ve discovered that within each of us lies a seed of goodness.

Yet, I’m still learning & discovering and still very far from flawless. I still grapple with my imperfections – greed, anger, and ignorance. I learned so many hard lessons and realize that playing the victim is an easy game, a way to shift blame onto others without taking responsibility for our own actions. This mindset can lead us into despair, requiring conscious effort to break free. It took me my entire youth to learn to be the source and to take ownership and responsibility for my own life. On this journey of self-discovery, I’ve encountered many self- shadows, each demanding courage to explore. I’m grateful for the guidance of mentors and supportive friends along the way, but ultimately, we each traverse this path alone, from birth to death.

As I’ve embraced change, I’ve learned to accept to give up on the familiar and welcome the unknown. Sometimes, this process feels aka to a software update – uncomfortable, glitchy, yet essential for growth. And just as we evolve, so too does the world around us, reshaping our relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Reflecting on my journey, recently I’m surrounded by good news as a gift from the universe that reflects the progress I’ve made and the treasures I’ve unearthed within myself – my mirror work. Some people have gotten married, some have changed jobs, some have bought houses, and some have immigrated to a new country. Alongside the positive news, there have been moments of sorrow, such as the loss of a loved one.

Just this morning, myself & mom had a conversation, and my mother said she suddenly remembered about the dogs we used to raise (we had at least 7, all of them passed away long time ago), and she now feels light and grateful because they are no longer suffering, they’re now free and may rebirth to a new life, and my mom now feels light and grateful because they are all gone & free. My mom perspective is different, and her heart opens wider, so do I.

I’m grateful for the changes within myself and within my circle of friends. Each day brings new experiences and opportunities for growth, reminding us that life is a journey of constant evolution.

Everybody changes, so do you 🙂

Well, let get some music on, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite song from KEANE – my favorite boy band.

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