“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” – Pablo Picasso

🐠When I was a child, I often did not focus, I only focused on things I found interesting and curious. And so in my first year at school, I was often criticized for being distracted, not listening, and often talking in class. Academic performance in grade 1 is the last. Needed tutoring, and extra attention.

🐠In the 3rd grade, I started to learn drawing and since then it opened up a new world for me, the world of shapes, creativity, color, and imagination. But drawing is just a secondary subject in class, not recommended, and should not spend much time in drawing. Adults told me to focus on doing your math homework. I hate math, still don’t like math at all. As a result, the notebook continues to criticize my math ability needs to be improved. When it comes to math, all I can remember is the rattan whip next to the notebook, the times when I’ve done badly and the times I’ve been beaten for being below average. I tried to love math but couldn’t get any better except for my salvage marks with geometry. As for algebra, I’m like a stranger with that all my life, can’t love it.

🐠I study and concentrate best when walking back and forth, but can I stand up and walk in class? Of course not! And so all day long I look out the window and copy my friend’s notes.

🐠Returning to my love of drawing, I only dared to draw when the lights were off, when my parents were all asleep and no one noticed the little girl squirming under the bed. It’s my little world. But adults have killed that world with achievements, transcripts, grades, and exams. Being an artist would be very poor, they showed me an old painter selling old books with a meager amount of money that was not enough to buy a daily meal. they showed me how my friend is good at math-physics, they showed me people who succeed through math-physics or English. As for drawing, give it up.

🐠I grew up with the mentality of a student with average grades, struggling to survive exams and assuming that I wasn’t good. Always look up and admire others. Then I struggled to get into something that made me good, like history. Just learning by heart, it’s not too difficult.

🐠Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it is stupid.”

🐠I was that fish for more than half of my life until I was released back into the water. No need to climb trees anymore, It’s nice to swim.


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