10 days of having COVID-19 have helped me realize some things that I hadn’t noticed before.

Firstly, I’ve learned not to brag about being invincible. COVID hit me harder than I ever expected. I had high fevers during the day and cold sweats at night, making breathing difficult and causing persistent coughing.

Secondly, I’ve realized that I can’t do everything. While I can be patient with others, I’m often impatient with myself. I’ve been too hard on myself, always pushing for more without allowing myself to rest properly.

Thirdly, even when I’m not busy, my mind is always racing. I’ve noticed that I’m constantly thinking about things I need to do, which has kept me from finding inner peace.

Fourthly, everyone has different opinions, and it’s impossible to please everyone. I’ve learned that it’s important to understand and accept myself, even if others don’t always agree with me.

Fifthly, rejection isn’t the end of the world. It can actually lead to new opportunities.

Sixthly, I’ve realized that my cat is overweight, despite my denial. I’ve become more attached to her, realizing how much she means to me.

Lastly, I’ve discovered that when you truly want something, the universe can make it happen. Every experience, good or bad, is valuable.

The sky is beautiful, but not everyone takes the time to appreciate it.

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