Since I was young, I have always wondered why things are happening the way they are, why people are stuck in their own lives, and thousands of why questions keep occurring in my life. And those questions during my growth, some have found the answer, some are too difficult so I stop asking, and some are still wondering and self-reflecting to find the answer.


2019, I found Joe Dispenza on youtube through an advertisement by Gaia about the program Rewire your Brain. And this program has opened up for me a world of a deeper understanding of human nature through the lens of science and opened me a way to free myself step by step. (Link for your curiosity:

(Note: Gaia is a platform, just like Netflix, but it is more on spiritual documentaries)


I have to admit that I am very passionate about the author – Dr. Joe Dispenza and his works. I listened to all of his podcasts and watched 4 times his “Rewire Your Brain” series on the Gaia platform(will watch it again, for sure), and I bought the entire books that he wrote, although I haven’t yet finished them all.


Back to this book, you will find in each section, each chapter will peeling off our masks, layer by layer.

Part 1 – The Science of YOU is all the most basic understanding about you, about the biological mechanism that is living and operating within you.


In order to understand why we are here, we need to understand our past, our ancestors, our genes, and the blood that flows inside us.

In order to understand why we are behaving, thinking, doing, and resulting in the present time, we need to understand our biology, the environment we live in, and all the influences in and outside of us. You’ll also understand the mechanism that produces feelings and thoughts and of your body works.

Personally, I especially like the part about “Go Beyond knowing… to knowing how … to knowingness” (Thinking – Doing – Being)I don’t know how to explain it to you in the easiest way; I’ll give you an example of how you learned to ride a bicycle (or learn to swim for the first time, practice writing…)

Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike? Is it hard? How about now? I bet you can ride it with your eyes closed ;). That’s how we learn a life skill and make it a part of us.

The main message in this part, which I was also taught by Master Trinh Thang in a meditation class is the Energy alignment between the body & mind. Everything is energy, when we synchronize our energies, we unleash our flow of nature, which later on when we can able to merge with the larger flow of the universe.


Part 2 – Your Brain and Meditation


A lot of us, often say that we want to be ourselves, we want to live our true nature, and we want others to love our true selves. So are you sure you understand “the Self”? What is it mean to “Be true to yourself? What do you have in you? Are you afraid of being original?

Our mind is a vast mystery land that scientific works so far have not been able to fully understand. I read somewhere a theory that we -humans only use 10% of our brain. What about the remaining 90%? I found it interesting when I link it to the 90% of the earth’s surface being covered by oceans, which we are also not yet able to explore everything. (it’s my personal link so you can ignore that)


Part 3 – Stepping toward your New Destiny


“Your thoughts can make you sick” but they can also heal you. This chapter is mainly a practical part. I have not finished this chapter yet, but I understand through the practical lessons that I have had the opportunity to experience and witness.

I learned that changing habits and building discipline are on top of the iceberg, but breaking your own loop is the bottom, the root of it.


“The greatest habit we must break is the habit of being ourselves”.


Lucky that I had experienced the feeling of freedom when the energy is synchronized a few times, I am fortunate to understand how it works. This is long progress, not a destination. So I am grateful that I got to know the wisdom from Dr. Joe, as well as the opportunities that brought me to those masters who have been accompanying me on the path to freedom.


(If you prefer, you can also check out my Vietnamese description)

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