February 2, 2022

Oftentimes we always look for solutions from the outside. Somewhere out there, or in the future, in some scenarios, there we will be happy, we will achieve success. When it’s not happening, something out there must not work, and someone else must interrupt the path we are on.

There are even a bunch of complaints about things as not as we expected such as uncomfortable environment, unpleasant boss, unkind co-workers, unsatisfied salary, long working hours, etc. Well if someone were to package a book of samples for these types of complaints like” How to complain more professionally”, it would surely be a top seller.

And I’m exactly the person that I converted to the word “we” above. I used to live in the world <it wasn’t my fault, someone must have done something to stop me from doing what I needed to do in the end>

Until I joined Vanto Group’s Breakthrough leadership program. Taking 100% responsibility for myself is already difficult. What, I’m also the cause of all matter? It’s not simple at all.

That’s when I learned to stop complaining and blaming, giving up all the excuses, and reasons why I couldn’t or was not able to do anything. That’s when I took back full control of my life, having the power to control every minute of my life and how I allow the world to affect me.

When I am the source of all matters, instead of blaming and waiting for someone to take responsibility. I learned to look for facts, for actual data, … instead of a series of stories. Since adopting and committing to 100% responsibility for my entire life, I find this has released a lot of energy, positive thinking, and a healthy lifestyle for me.

Simple, but not easy. It requires a commitment with integrity, it requires a consistent and disciplined practice of constant self-observation. As soon as I find myself avoiding something, or starting to blame and make excuses. I turned to myself and wondered, what actually happened, what is the fact here? This is a continuous journey of practicing, just like an athlete needs to prepare for a fitness test.

Let’s start by observing and considering all that is going on for you, your life, your relationships, and your work (or other aspects). Are you satisfied with it? If not, there must be something that needs to happen to change, and you are in charge of it.

Let’s start with the facts! Don’t hang around with stories.

Through this post, I want to express my gratitude to Vanto Group with Louise & David, Ngoc & Van; also to Marou Chocolate & Mekong Capital for offering me this chance of a great breakthrough.

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