What can you do with 18 minutes a day?

I didn’t just read this, I digested it. This is the third book this year that gives me a sense of curiosity and willingness to adopt these methods into life.

I started my daily self-reflection project after reading the book Day One. I have been practicing for 65 days till today; it has become my daily ritual before going to bed. And by doing that, I also learned how to form and break a habit for myself.

I believe in the law of attraction because this book caught my eye while looking for help in leveling myself up. Honestly, there’s no new knowledge in this book, you know it all. However, the valuable lesson from this book is to help you unlearn the things you thought you knew.

Two questions haunt me while reading this book:

1/ “Are you working on something meaningful & challenging?

Yes, I am. I do it every day.

2/”Are you prepared for today? Will your plan today keep you focused on what your year is about?”

No, I often get distracted. and more often, I’m leaving my frog at the end of the day, so I’m fed up that I can’t afford to swallow it and leave it for tomorrow. and tomorrow will repeat like today. It burning me out.

But what makes me obsessed, I will definitely work on it. I’m learning more every day that when I’m faced with setbacks, I’ve grown tremendously and I appreciate those moments.

There are 3 lessons that I’m applying while reading and deepening my daily reflection.

1. Morning reflection – Am I prepared today? (what is the ONE THING that makes the difference today?)

2. Refocus – Where I am NOW? (the author calls it a FIND ME button)

3. Build my focus discipline for the year 2023 by mastering the distraction & get the RIGHT things done. (I like the 3 works & 2 personal techniques that the author mentioned, which are helpful for me to build my focus next year)

Of course, continue on my end-of-day review but at a deeper level.

Distraction can be the enemy but it can also befriend if we know how to make friends with it.

Merry Christmas


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