In 2011, when we just established, Marou Chocolate was a pioneer company to bring Vietnamese cocoa beans to the international market. If at that time Vietnamese people can only eat chocolate imported from Belgium, England, France, Switzerland, etc., and now, we can proud that chocolate Made-in-Vietnam stands next to those big guys and is not even inferior in terms of quality and brand.
One of the things that set Marou apart is the spirit of “Tasting good, doing good”. I am proud to be one of the historical witnesses during that process, witnessing every steady step of Samuel Maruta & Vincent Mourou and the entire team, with one spirit, one enthusiasm to move forward. One Team – One Dream. We are the Oneness.

If the buying and selling process is simply a quality agreement, prices, terms, and transportation then how to get the most benefits, then in Marou, the prerequisite is the sustainable development of the whole. The Farmers have worked with Marou from father to son, each family member, each conversation is a bond of prestige, caring, and integrity. We call it Doing good!

If the production process is just the matter of making chocolate, you can easily search and it immediately results in a series of results on Google, and the equipment is extremely simple; then what makes Marou different? It is Tasing good! It’s the taste of heart and passion so the chocolate product you hold in your hand is not just a recipe or an ingredient. It is a product made by heart, from the love and passion for the Vietnamese cocoa tree.

The word “Terroir” – means the taste of places. And the cocoa tree is a super “cute “tree, it absorbs the quintessence of soil and its neighbors, and it has the characteristics of each living area so that when the tree ripens, flowers, and bears fruit, it transforms with a distinct taste. So that when it is converted into chocolate bars, It brings the taste of Vietnam to the world. Inside the bar is the smell of the earth, the taste of sweat, of faith, and the artist’s hand that made it. And we call it The Artisanal Marou chocolate.

Congrats to the Marou Label!

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